Product Manager


Department Engineering
Job posted on August 30, 2022
Employee Type permanent
Experience range 3-5 Years

Duties and Responsibilities :

We are looking for a Manager – Product who can internalize & understand the vision of Shiprocket and objectives towards sellers and their customers. You might be busy with tweaking UI designs, ensuring the copy is accurate, user flows are intuitive and measuring data around all of the above and re-iterating. At Shiprocket, you will be working with a team of incredible engineers, receive mentorship from leadership and of course build simple but impactful products that will be used by millions of Indian users. If you want to be part of the next big thing, then this is the job for you!

  • To own several functions for the Shiprocket Platform such as – multi channel commerce, inventory management, templates and front-end UI, back-end user interface and flows, user onboarding processes and analytics.
  • You will constantly be thinking about why merchants gain value from using the platform and about how you- re making a difference to their lives.
  • Work in a cross-functional team environment where you’re engaging with engineers, marketers, copyrighters, designers and senior management.
  • Ensure you deliver as per the product delivery plan.
  • Be able to think independently and own your area of the product holistically. We believe in full stack product managers who can run a piece of  a product entirely.
  • Ensuring we build for the right customer and yet again, questioning who the right customer for us is.
  • Focus on solving problems by doing things that are right for the user.
  • Be able to re-iterate as many times as required and drive decisions based on data and analytics.
  • Perform primary market research, user research, competitive research and establish yourself and the company as a thought leader in the SaaS ecommerce space.

Skills Required:

  • Clearly communicate product plans, enhancements, new features and launch mini-products.
  • Be able to think through a feature from start to finish keeping in mind the impact on features, technology and ultimately the business.
  • Be able to operate within fuzziness and a state of flux we truly are quite dynamic at our workplace.
  • Perform well under uncertainty and work with unclear communication channels intra and inter team considering that ours is an organization that’s swiftly evolving.

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